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Our Story

Our story begins in 2008, when our founding team started seeking out investment opportunities in the mining and exploration sector. Our projects included 10 different iron ore ventures; the Raytec Metals’ Spar Potash Project; and the Graphite Creek Property, one of the largest high-grade graphite deposits on the continent. Over the next 4 years, these projects were subject to more than $100M in funding.


But in 2012, we felt that BullRun needed to try something different. We didn’t just want to appeal to the newsletter-subscribing day trader anymore - our target investor was the average, everyday person who didn’t have experience in the retail investment markets.


We refocused our strategy to identify opportunities that resonate with the community at large. Sectors that are currently undergoing legalization - like Cannabis and Sports Betting - fit that bill perfectly: they have a global reach, local appeal, and a clear path to commercialization that makes people say “I need to invest in that now”.


Since then, BullRun has consistently secured rapid funding for new projects and achieved solid valuations and market support across all sectors. Our positive track record has enabled us to attract top-quality leadership in every industry that we delve into, and we have fostered excellent relationships with North American media outlets and universities across the globe.

Public Company Transactions


2008 - BullRun acquired Potash Permits in Saskatchewan and vended them into Raytec Metals. Raytec Metals stock increased from $0.12 to a high of $2++ and the company raised over $70M including warrant exercises. Raytec, which was eventually renamed Lion Energy, sold its Potash permits to Frank Giustra's Encanto Potash and merged with Lucan Lundin’s Africa Oil, which ran from $2 to $12 following an oil discovery. 


2012 - BullRun acquired claims at the Graphite Creek property and vended the claims to Cedar Mountain Exploration. Cedar Mountain was renamed to Graphite One and has since raised in excess of $60M. The company is known for outlining the largest and highest grade graphite deposit in the US.


2017 - BullRun acquired the Arnett Creek gold property  in Idaho and vended it to Strata Minerals. Strata Minerals went on to change their name to Revival Gold. Since 2017, Revival has delineated a resource of over 3M ounces of gold and initiated a PFS on the project combined with Meridian Gold Bear Track property.

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