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Founder's Message


We started Bullrun in 2008 by seeking out projects that the market was interested in. Starting with Raytec Metals ‘Spar Potash Project,’ Bullrun went on to acquire and fund the ‘Fernie Phosphate Project’ and several Utah based Potash/ Phosphate and Uranium Projects; 10 different iron ore projects, a rare earth metals projects in Newfoundland, gold projects in the Yukon, and with Graphite One we acquired the Graphite Creek Property which has turned out to be one of the largest high grade graphite deposits in North America.  We also vended Revival Gold their Arnett Creek Property in Idaho. All these projects were subject to over $100M in funding between 2008 and 2012.

Since 2012, Bullrun has refocused its strategy, and today that focus is to identify opportunities in sectors that are undergoing legalization, such as Cannabis and sports betting, that have global reach and local appeal; that have a clear path to commercialization and resonate with the average layperson to the degree that these technologies become something that they actually want to invest in.

Our target investor isn’t the newsletter subscribing day trader, but the average person who until now hasn’t been heavily interested in the retail investment markets, but reads and follows media stories that look at new technologies that actually grab their attention.

We source credible projects from credible sources, typically with researchers who have achieved tangible progress to the point where their technology simply needs a quantifiable amount of capital to go from research concept to commercial reality.

Bullrun’s strategic aim is to generate projects, and media awareness of those projects, aimed at intriguing the “average person” who hasn’t invested in the junior markets and never subscribed to a newsletter before. This target market is made up of folks who we hope will conclude that “this is something that sounds like a really good idea…why didn’t I think of that” and will come to the conclusion that investing in the technology is the very best action to help propel the future outcome of their financial security.

As a result of this strategic approach, our projects must meet the “why didn’t I think of that” and “this technology could go to market fairly quickly” criteria. The projects must also have the ability to garner government funding and support through grants and related funding opportunities. The key elements for success require a project to be truly compelling enough for the media to position it so that virtually anyone can understand the story clearly, and must further be an opportunity able to be directly funded through retail investment.

Our current projects include companies like Cannabix Technologies, which is developing a marijuana breathalyzer technology; and Patriot One Technologies, which is creating low cost concealed weapons detection tools.  Our other projects include the Graphite Creek graphite project in Alaska (North America’s largest and highest grade graphite deposit); Revival Gold, which is developing a large gold resource in Idaho; Growmax Capital, which funds early stage startups; and Moneyline Sportsbook, which is currently acquiring online sports betting licenses in the US and Canada.

Overall, our group has consistently secured rapid funding for our projects and achieved solid market support and valuations. Cannabix was first funded at $0.05 and went to a high of $4.18. The company has raised under $10M but commands a market capitalization near $200M. These valuations are in stark contrast to many other companies in the markets today that are valued at less than the money they initially invested into their own projects.

Our track record has given us the ability to attract top quality leadership talent in each industry that we focus on, and we believe we have one of the best legal and accounting teams in Canada, along with amazing relationships with North American media outlets and are rapidly growing our media reach to include Europe and Asia.  We also hold an excellent reputation with Universities around the world and have rapidly become known as a venture capital group that can rapidly propel technologies from academia to commercialization.

In conclusion, we believe that Bullrun is the future of funding for technology development because we offer investors the chance to get involved in exceptional world-changing technologies with true blue-sky potential to garner tremendous returns on their investments. Because many of the investors in our projects are family, friends and associates, we are truly motivated, goal-focused, and dead-set on delivering consistently tangible results.

Thank you for reading the above and investing your time in finding out more about us.


Founder & Chairman
Bullrun Capital Inc.

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