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About Us

Investing in companies with global reach and local appeal

We are a private, Vancouver-based venture firm committed to investing in the technologies and solutions that shape the world around us. 


We deliver consistent results by employing the expertise of our seasoned capital markets advisory team. We leverage capital markets to advance these ventures by partnering with visionary inventors and entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to take junior market investing out of the institutional boardroom and into the mainstream; to build enduring businesses with global reach and local appeal.

Key Statistics

Our Partners

Investment Highlights

Patriot One Technologies

Bullrun incubated Patriot One from a university license into a leading concealed weapons technology company. Patriot One has raised over $100M to date and is listed on the main TSX board.

Cannabix Technologies

Bullrun incubated Cannabix from the University of Florida to develop a marijuana breathalyzer. Since the company was founded, Cannabix has raised over $40M and expects to have a court-certified device ready by 2023. Cannabix is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Coloured Ties Capital

Coloured Ties is a publicly-listed investment issuer that offers investors a diverse exposure to high potential, early-stage companies.


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